Eye bags treatment

There are not only the beautiful blue, brown or green colors of the iris that fascinate us when we look into each other’s eyes. No, the person looking at you also perceives the area around your eyes.

You look in your mirror and see puffiness under your eyes. Above all, dark circles under the eyes indicate whether you have not slept enough, are stressed or overworked. Because the skin around the eyes is particularly thin and sensitive. Dark lines and wrinkles also show the legible numbers of our age. Because most people’s skin becomes thinner, drier and more sensitive as they age.

Eye bags - what is that?

Are tears kept in the bags under the eyes? Admittedly, this is suggested by the term “lachrymal sac.” In practice, however, this term should be understood as sagging and swelling under the eyes, which can occur in varying degrees.

Eye bags are the collection of water or fat deposits that accumulate below the eye from the lower eyelid to the beginning of the cheekbone. For most people, this occurs in the morning and is seen as a visible swelling. If they subside during the day, it’s water retention. If the swellings are permanently visible, this indicates fat storage.


Where do tear sacs come from?

Eye bags are caused by hydrostatic pressure. This refers to the pressure that water and blood exert on tissues. Due to the nightly lying position, the pressure is very high, especially in the eye area, so that lymphatic fluid accumulates. Since the skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive, these deposits are visible. Shadows and wrinkles under the eyes are associated with the aging process of the skin. When the connective tissue weakens, it loses its elasticity and becomes limp and swollen. Depending on the elasticity of the skin, there can also be a clearly visible sagging in the form of a hanging fold of skin. In addition to these natural aging processes, shadows under the eyes can be hereditary or caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. These circumstances promote the formation of bags under the eyes:
  • not enough sleep
  • unhealthy diet
  • Stress
  • Sadness
  • Alcohol
  • Environmental influences such as UV rays

Which treatments help against swollen eyes?

In order to prevent or eliminate the unsightly swellings, we have a very targeted eye bags treatment in the cosmetics studio in Vienna 1170.

Eye bags treatment in the 17th district, Vienna:

Our treatment works against swollen eyes, improves blood circulation and has a calming effect. It purifies and rebalances the skin to improve radiance. It creates a young and radiant look. We treat you with exclusive products, these will use targeted ingredients to reduce swelling in your eyes, prevent tiredness, provide them with moisture and, above all, strengthen the connective tissue. So that you look brighter, younger and more awake every moment after the treatment. Duration: 50 mins Price: 79€ Make an appointment now or contact us!