Cellulite Treatments

Almost every woman knows them – unsightly dents on legs and buttocks. Cellulite is widespread and often neither exercise nor a strict diet helps.
It is crucial for your quality of life that you are satisfied with your body. However, life’s milestones mercilessly leave their marks on the female body. Orange peel skin, stretch marks, surgical scars… just to name a few of the aesthetic flaws most women suffer from. Thanks to modern cosmetic treatments, you can now afford to shape your body while resting without any effort.
Why settle for less when the solution is so simple?

Where does cellulite come from?

Cellulite treatments

The dreaded orange peel skin is the result of a combination of several factors.

The special tissue structure of women is decisive for the development of cellulite: the fat deposits that accumulate on the buttocks, hips and thighs are often noticeable as dents on the skin.

These accumulations of fat cells are found between the skin and the muscles. However, these organs are connected by inflexible strands of tissue called “fibrous septa”. If the skin expands due to the growth of fat deposits, these tissue strands continue to pull towards the inside of the body.

This creates the irregular skin structure typical of cellulite. Weak connective tissue, which is often genetic, increases this effect.

But what to do with cellulite and which anti-cellulite method is the most effective?

Our professional cellulite treatments in Vienna can help. Different methods like
  • Tripolar Radio Frequency ®,
  • Mechanical Lymphatic Drainage ®,
  • the Physiodermie method
  • and various anti-cellulite products are used.
The right massage technique in combination with natural creams stimulates your muscles and gets your blood circulation going. This helps to counteract cellulite.
Cellulite treatments

This cellulite treatment reduces fat deposits, increases the burning of fatty acids, stimulates the breakdown and elimination of fat deposits and neutralizes deposits, freeing excess fat from tissues.

Helps reduce the appearance of orange peel skin (cellulite) and strengthens the skin’s texture and elasticity to rediscover a firmer silhouette.

The products we use during the treatment:

  • Have a firming and effectively stimulating scent.
  • Reduce fat deposits.
  • Effectively combat cellulite and free radicals
  • Define the appearance of orange peel.
  • Tighten the skin.
  • The skin is dynamized and revitalized.
  • Restore a soft and smooth appearance.
  • Help relieve the feeling of tiredness and heaviness in the legs.
  • Stimulate the breakdown and elimination of fat deposits and neutralize deposits.
  • Get rid of excess fat settled in tissue
  • Increase the burning of fatty acids
  • Restores a smooth appearance.

The treatment works like this: < /span>

With gentle movements, we help your body to relax and detoxify. Special grip techniques are used to drain unnecessary tissue fluid and stimulate the supply of oxygen – so your skin can breathe properly again. We loosen your muscles and ensure a benevolent feeling throughout your body. This stage

  • supports natural detoxification
  • ensures inner balance
  • provides a sense of well-being
We use energy points to stimulate digestion and support the body in eliminating toxins. We activate the natural gastrointestinal function and restore the balance in your body. This phase also strengthens your defences,
  • helps eliminate toxins
  • restores the natural balance
  • supports the regulation of bowel function
The lotion and gel modelante work against accumulations of cellulite and orange peel skin. Improve tissue strength, purify and disinfect. The skin becomes smooth, supple and elastic.
Has a remineralizing, revitalizing and regenerating effect, promotes firmness and the natural elasticity of the tissue. Helps delay sagging and premature aging.
The organic aromas tighten the skin and restore its natural elasticity. Moisturizes and restores the vitality of the skin.
The Lait Pour Le Corps body lotion moisturizes, tightens and revitalizes the skin. Leaves the skin smooth, fresh and velvety soft. Ideal for a fresh start.
How many treatments do I need? 4-8 treatments depending on skin condition How does it feel? It is a very pleasant treatment with a full body massage and wrap, all you have to do is lie in the office for 90 minutes and enjoy the wonderful scent of the products. Price -15% 90 min 126.65€ (instead of 149 €)

radio frequency treatment

Get firmer skin and fight aging with radio frequency treatment!
How does radio frequency work? The skin is briefly warmed up, causing the collagen fibers responsible for the skin’s firmness to contract. This leads to an immediate smoothing of the skin. In addition, this treatment also stimulates the new production of collagen fibers, which strengthens the connective tissue. What does radio frequency do?
  • improves the appearance of the skin
  • the heat shrinks the fibers and has a tightening effect
  • helps to drain and detoxify the body
  • stimulates the new production of collagen fibers, which strengthens the connective tissue.
What can I expect from the treatment? Smooth skin and firm connective tissue! Is the treatment painful? No, it just creates a pleasant warmth. How many treatments do I need? For best results, at least 4-8 sessions spaced 7-14 days apart are necessary. How does it feel? You can relax during the treatment: most customers describe the treatment as pleasant, stimulating and painless. Price -30% discount Arms/stomach 40 min. 108.50€ (instead of 155€) Thighs/bottom 70 min. €150.50 (instead of €215)

Mechanical lymphatic drainage

Mechanical lymphatic drainage is carried out using a medical compression device, which stimulates the metabolism with a gentle but very efficient lymphatic massage. Stored tissue water is transported away and the blood circulation in the tissue is improved. This device-based application is ideal for reducing circumference, tightening the skin and reducing cellulite. The appearance of spider veins and varicose veins can also be improved. The relaxing gliding wave massage:
  • dehydrated,
  • purified,
  • helps with cellulite and spider veins,
  • tightens the connective tissue
  • helps with digestive problems
Price -10% discount 60 min. 62.1€ (instead of 69€)

products for the home

GEL MODELANT 150 ml 87
The anti-cellulite care. Helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. Strengthens the skin’s texture and elasticity to rediscover a firmer silhouette. Firms the skin and provides moisture.
  • Redefines the appearance of orange peel.
  • Tightens the skin.
  • A smooth appearance is restored.
After the shower or bath (preferably with Physiobain DS), apply Gel Modelante Sculptant to the affected area(s). For best results, use Bioarome CEL before applying the Gel Modelante Sculptant.
  • Triple caffeine complex: dissolving, microencapsulating and vectoring.
  • Plant extract complex: ivy, seaweed, horsetail, butcher’s broom, Coleus barbatus Centella.
  • Microencapsulated carnitine.
  • Organic silicon.
  • Moisturizing and softening active ingredients.
  • M.E.I.M.A – multilayer microencapsulation, takes effect immediately, no oily texture.
  • Exclusive 3-fold caffeine complex, allows a quick and sustainable dissolution of the slimming pills, with an effect that lasts for hours, better than the slimming pills alone.
  • Ivy extract (7.5%) and other plant extracts known for their circulation-enhancing properties.
  • Melting gel without leaving an oily film, absorbs quickly into the skin with a moisturizing cooling effect
BIOAROME CEL 150 ml 115
Reduces fat deposits. Increases the burning of fatty acids. Effective in fighting cellulite and free radicals. (Only available in our shop)
  • Reduces fat deposits.
  • Stimulates the breakdown and elimination of fat deposits and neutralizes deposits.
  • Relieves the excess fat that is settled in the tissues.
  • Increases the burning of fatty acids
  • Effectively combats cellulite and free radicals
Apply a few drops of BIOAROME CEL to the affected area(s). With a massage, the active ingredients penetrate easily and completely into the skin.
  • Essential oil complex: juniper, rosemary, lemon, geranium, ginger (reduce fat deposits and orange peel skin.
  • Active herbal ingredient complex: ivy, centella asiatica, algae, horsetail.
  • Caffeine Extract.
  • Tocopheryl complex with vitamin E.
  • Phospholipid complex.
  • Moisturizing complex
  • M.E.I.M.A – multilayer microencapsulation, works immediately

Fight cellulite from within

With the power of various medicinal herbs, you can quickly and effectively rid the body of harmful substances, detoxify properly and healthily, drain water – which helps with weight loss. Or counteract the appearance of cellulite, among other things, and the connective tissue is also tightened, which makes the body more vital. The active ingredients from 18 different medicinal plants make it possible. Try it and feel the difference!

What to do against cellulite?

  • Exercise regularly to avoid obesity. Swimming, for example, can be helpful against cellulite.
  • Exercise your glutes. This reduces cellulite on the bottom and tightens the skin.
  • Eat healthy. There are no specific foods against cellulite, but make sure you eat a lot of fruit, vegetables and fiber.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water a day to keep your skin from drying out.
  • Don’t smoke, otherwise your cellulite will become even worse.
  • A good cellulite home remedy: Treat affected areas regularly gentle plucking massages. Gladly while you cream your skin. This will improve the appearance of your cellulite.